When do you trim the Sable Palms?

Normally we trim Sable Palms during the end of August to beginning of September. It is important to remove the seed pods prior to there maturity.

What happens when I have an obstruction blocking access to an area on my property?

If we are prevented from doing our scheduled landscaping services on our scheduled day or the day after because of obstructions of any kind, we will only do the work possible with consideration to the obstructions. Examples of such would be; (a car blocking the gate to any serviced area, any contractor’s equipment left in the service area, fallen trees blocking access to any service area, etc.)

What happens if I temporarily need to change my service day?

A minimum of one week advance notice is requested for all temporary landscaping schedule changes.

What are your procedures for rain delays?

Your property will be on a regular schedule same day each week. If the weather causes a delay in our schedule and we are unable to do your service that day, it will be scheduled for the following day. If the following day the weather continues to cause a delay in your service, we will do our best to do a partial service in order to hold you over until your next full service visit.

Please let it be noted: The weather in the greater Orlando area is very unpredictable and with possible hurricanes and severe weather in the growing season, there is always the possibility of a schedule delay. We, as a company, pledge to keep on schedule as much as possible with regards to weather delays. We ask that you be understanding when it comes to these delays.